Food and drinks

The positive development in Borås in recent years has affected the city´s range of restaurants and cafés. Borås boasts many good restaurants and Boråsers are eating out like never before. Below is a small selection of restaurants located in the area around the hotels in the city centre.


Viskan café and wine bar
Viskan is a young café and lunch spot that´s always full of people. The wine bar, with enticing food and wines door to door with the café is also worth one or two visits. Outdoor area.

Popular restaurant Vinci is located next to the Viskan river. The luxury neighbourhood restaurant serves delcious Italian food. On Fridays and Saturdays the bar is definitely full of party-loving guests, but the bar can ge busy even on a weekday. Outdoor area.

If you enjoy Greek and Mediterranenan food, Oliven is an excellent choice. How about halloumi, souvlaki in various forms, charcoal grilled tuna or calamari. Outdoor area.

La Copita
Tapas and Spanish food is avaliable at La Copita, a stone´s throw from the Pinocchio sculpture. Candle-lit tables in a cosy surrounding and a family atmosphere. Outdoor area.

Cyrano is located across the street from Caroli church. As the name suggests, the manu is French. The restaurant is best known for its Provençal pizzas baked in a wood-fired oven. Outdoor area.

Thai Silk
There are many nice Thai restaurants in Borås. Thai Silk serves a highly appreciated lunch buffet, but it is also open in the evenings. Don´t be late for luch, Boråsers like Thai. Outdoor area.

Café Orion
Classe café dating back to the 1930s. On Österlånggatan between Stora Torget and Södra Torget, choose between something tasty from the patisserie and fine salads. Outdoor area.

Café Bakgården
Very charming café. Have coffee right next to Caroli church in a cosy evironment insida a beautiful old stone house. Tasty pastries as well as lunch are available. Outdoor area.

Restaurang Villastaden
A fine small neighbourhood restaurant with a seasonal menu. Family atmosphere in beautiful surroundings. Wine cellar with a tasting room for up to ten guests. Outdoor area.

Raw Food Café
Just beyond Södra Torget, healthy and tasty food is served - but never heated above 42 degrees celcius. All in order to ensure maximum preservation av nutrients and enzymes.