Boras croft

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Stop for a coffee break or shop for handicraft and craft products at the rest area "Boråstorpet".

With the lovingly renovated hometown Krokstorp as a service building in the center of the large rest area, "Boråstorpet" offers opportunities that few other rest areas.

18 solid seating groups scattered in the open, recreated agricultural landscape, walking trails, barbecue area and water mirror make it all a pleasant escape destination.

In the abandoned Krokstorp you found unusual conditions. The mopeds got the opportunity to drive the rest area.

Knalleslöjdarna is a non-profit association that is affiliated with Älvsborg's County Home Improvement Association.

Saturday the 18/5 SLÖJDSTÄMMA with Spring Market, lots of craftsmen around the entire dam, at. 11-17.

Contact information

Vid RV 40
50494 Borås
Phone: +46-702410508


Opening hours

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Opening hours during the 2019 season are: 4 May - 1 September. Weekends in May and all days in June, July and August, at 11 - 17. We can also receive bus loads, but please call and pre-book at 073-058 83 95 or 070-241 05 08


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Follow highway 40 towards Gothenburg, take off the Nabbamotet, drive over the highway, take 2nd right Segloravägen, follow Skylt towards Borås Torpet. When the road divides, follow signs to the right, into the industrial area.


  • Refreshment room
  • Outdoor seating