City Park


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City Park today

City Park, with its abundant greenery and diversity of plants a place where you can follow the seasons, different cycles. The plants in the form of large old trees and flowering shrubs put their mark on the park and create a variation that one can see far beyond the park's boundaries. Spring flowering bulbs adorn the park's lawns and flower beds in the spring. They are followed by dazzling flowerbeds with summer flowers and perennial plants.

The flowers have a central role in City Park. It has long been a place for plants and still planted most of our summer flowers in the city park. The rebates are both old strict form and contemporary mixed style.


Rosen is one of man's most widely planted crops and the most beloved ornamental plant. A key element in the City Park is also the rose garden, where park visitors have the opportunity to cup and studying the different varieties. Perhaps they alsocan take one idea and another home for your own garden. Rose Garden in City Park contains about 60 different varieties of roses.

Butterfly Restaurant

At City Park, the highest point along Sven Erikson Street, located Butterfly restaurant. A place with plants that are particularly omtycka of butterflies, which they can seek to collect nectar.


It is important that all categories of visitors feel welcome at the park. It is an asset for local residents who may use it for their daily walks. Tourists and other visitors will be able to use the park on their way and feel welcome to Boras.


The playground is an important element in the City Park. Even the kids will enjoy it and find activities for their stay in the park. City Park's playground is a form of outing park where you will find more and other playground equipment than those available at home at the neighborhood playground. The playground is interesting at all seasons, especially in winter.

Contact information

Parkavdelningen Tekniska förvaltningen

501 80 Borås
Contact: StenAnders Jöne
Phone: +46-33357400

Organizer: Tekniska Förvaltningen


Public transportation


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Located right in the center with entrances from: Sven Erikson Street Tehtaankatu Södrastrandgatan Vasterlanggatan Hallbergsplatsen.