Upzone Adventure Park in Borås

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Upzone awaits adventures like you may never have experienced before! In Upzone's parks, you can throw yourself into cable cars, balance on branches, climb nets and swing in vines. Play the adrenaline-filled Combat Archery Tag or tricky Outdoor Escape Game! Bring the family here, the school class or maybe the group of friends! You can have your birthday party at Upzone, or your bachelor party /bachelorette party. Upzone also organizes various types of competitions & team building for companies. No matter how you choose to visit Upzone, they guarantee an adrenaline-pumping experience!

Upzone's goal is for their visitors to leave them with a tingle in their stomach and a smile on their face.

Upzone is an experience for everyone who likes to move, stretch their limits and above all have great fun. Among the treetops, you can challenge yourself in four different courses with different degrees of difficulty at heights between 2 to 11 meters, for those who really dare.

Upzone Adventure Park in Boråsis something extra and attracts with an innovative facility in a fantastic area right next to Borås Zoo.

High-altitude course - Adventure climbing - 2.5 h: Climb, swing in nets, balance on wires and throw yourself into our cable cars up among the treetops.

High altitude course - Big Swing - 10 min: Do you dare to swing out in our giant swing at 8 meters height? A guaranteed adrenaline rush and one of our favorite activities!

Escape Game - Camp 357 - 1 h: Inspired by Escape rooms. In a cool outdoor environment, you get 1 hour to crack codes and solve clues - before everything is too late.

Escape Game - The Hidden Treasure - 1 h: Inspired by Escape room. For 1 hour you have to crack codes and solve clues to find the hidden treasure - but hurry so no one else will find it before you!

DRINK- Stand Up Paddle - 2 - 6 h: Enjoy nature and learn to paddle SUP together with a guide. You will get tips and tricks that will make you fall in love with this wonderful sport.

CAT - Combat Archery Tag - 1-2 h: Combat Archery Tag is a mix between paintball, archery and dodgeball. A fun group activity that can be played both outdoors and indoors.

Amazing Race - 1-1.5h: Amazing Race was launched in 2019 and is well suited for the largest groups. Travel around the world in teams and solve tricky tasks to see which team takes home the victory.


Adapt the clothes to the weather. Upzone recommends comfortable, stable shoes with good patterns. In rainy weather, rainwear and underwear are recommended. You can borrow a helmet, harness and gloves from Upzone. It is allowed to use your own gloves.


If it rains, it is no problem to climb, however, it can be canceled if there are too strong winds or if there is thunderstorm. Should this happen, you will be contacted by Upzone.


Everyone is welcome when you are in the park even if you are not climbing. Those who do not climb do not pay an entrance fee.

Safety regulations

At Upzone, safety comes first. Before the adventure begins, a thorough review takes place for everyone to learn how the tracks and equipment work.

To be allowed to herring with us, you must be at least 110 cm. We recommend that children between 110 cm - 120 cm climb with an active adult. Children under 125 cm may only climb Funzone.

From 125 cm you are allowed to climb Fitnesszone and Adventurezone. We recommendthat children who are between 125 cm - 144 cm climb with an active elderly person if help would be needed.

To climb our highest, scariest and most difficult course, you must be at least 145 cm.


Upzone makes no exceptions regarding their rules and hopes for understanding. Upzone reserves the right to change the security terms on an ongoing basis.

Contact information

Vilénplan, gamla Borås parken. Till vänster om entréen till Borås Djurpark.
Contact: Tamara
Phone: +46-33411741
Booking: +46-33411741

E-mail: boras@upzone.se

Opening hours

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2020 Open April - October after bookings. During the high season June - August we are open daily Booking Book either through www.upzone.se or email us at bokah@upzone.se Drop in We strongly recommend that you book your places in advance as we can not always receive drop-in guests. Closed November - February.

Price information

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The price and which courses you can climb are determined by your age

Great Adventurers

145 cm & upwards: SEK 445 online offer SEK 395
Funzone, Fitnesszone, Adventurezone, and Riskzone are included

Young Adventurers
125 cm - 144 cm: SEK 345 online offer SEK 295
Funzone, Fitnesszone, and Adventurezone are included

Little Adventurers
110 cm - 124 cm: SEK 245 online offer SEK 195
Funzone included


Children between 110 cm - 144 cm, we recommend that someone older actively climbs with the child and helps when needed.

Public transportation

|Translated by Google translation| From Gothenburg: Take bus 100 from the Nils Eriksson terminal to the terminus Borås Resecentrum. From Borås Resecentrum you can e.g. take bus 240 towards Borgstena. Get off at the Boråsparken stop. Walk towards the entrance to Borås Zoo. Upzone is located just to the left of Borås Zoo's entrance. From Södra torget in Borås: Take bus 1 towards Sjöbo. Get off at the Boråsparken stop. Walk towards the entrance to Borås Zoo. Upzone is located just to the left of Borås Zoo's entrance.


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The adventure ticket includes instruction, helmet, harness and climbing.

NOTE! Be on site at least 20 minutes before the booked time for information and instruction.

You can hire an instructor who can climb with your children if you do not want to. Notify Upzone at boras@upzone.se when you place your booking, or get in touch well in advance.

The cost for an Upzone instructor is SEK 495 per activity and a maximum of 3 children. The children pay the regular price.


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From Gothenburg: Take highway 40 towards Jönköping until you reach Borås (approx. 40 min drive) In Borås: From highway 40 follow signs to Knalleland / Borås Zoo (Road 42). When you pass Knalleland, continue following signs for Borås Zoo and turn right onto Alidelundsgatan and park in the large car park to the zoo. Follow signs to Borås Zoo's Entrance. Upzone is located just to the left of Borås Zoo's entrance. WGS84: N 57 ° 44.4113 ', E 12 ° 56.365' Decimal: 57.7402, 12.9394