Classic: Poor (1979)

Boras Cinema Röda Kvarn, Borås
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Now we show two masterpieces by the legendary Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky. First out is "Stalker" from 1979, considered Tarkovsky's magnus opus. An episcopal combination of science fiction, philosophy and psychology, visually extraordinary and philosophically provocative about the inherent limits of knowledge and science.

Twenty years ago, an object fell from the sky and crashed into Russia. Everyone who then approached the landing site, called the "zone", disappeared without explanation. Rumor has it that there are both outsiders and a room where all one's innermost desires come true, but it is strictly forbidden to enter the area. An author and a scientist then hire a guide, called a "stalker", to try to get in and investigate this mythical place.

Film facts
Director:Andrei Tarkovsky
Cast: Alisa Freyndlikh, Alexandr Kajdanovsky and others
Country: Soviet Union

Year: 1979
Censorship: From 15 years
Duration: 162 minutes
Tickets: SEK 80

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Borås Bio is a stone's throw from Borås Central Station and Borås Resecentrum, by Knalletorget along the river Viskan, opposite the restaurant Kök'et and in direct connection to the restaurant Babbel.