Boras Cinema Röda Kvarn, Borås
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A film about football, love and chasing the big dream with life at stake. Based on the autobiographical book "In the shadow of San Siro", it is about a teenage Swedish football talent in an absurd sports industry where everything and everyone can be bought for money. Soon it will no longer be a struggle to win or lose, but to survive.

"Tigers" is an unsentimental drama with a sensitive eye for details that depict masculine rites, burning obsession and mental illness in the sports world when a dream turns into a nightmare. Named Sweden's Oscar contribution. Shown in connection with the Golden Bug Gala 2022.

Film facts
Directed by Ronnie Sandahl
Participants: Erik Enge, Frida Gustavsson and others
Country: Sweden /Italy /Denmark

Year: 2020
Censorship: From 11 years
Length:116 minutes
Tickets: SEK 80

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Borås Bio is a stone's throw from Borås Central Station and Borås Resecentrum, by Knalletorget along the river Viskan, opposite the restaurant Kök'et and in direct connection to the restaurant Babbel.