Annika Wennberg and Louise Villa

Flaménska Galleriet, Borås
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Annika Wennberg, born 1970, lives in Gothenburg and has her studio in Lödöse. She has a degree in crafts and design from HDK Gothenburg and Valand Academy of the Arts.

My internship includes sculpture and relief with sustainability thinking. It is nature, the present and
special places that inspire me. In my artistic expression, I want to emphasize a duality before
the form. Often my ambition is to express both positive and negative emotions in a motive.
At the same time, I'm looking for the presence of something else, but it's a secret.
The studio is located on a small hill overlooking a varied landscape with fields and
groves. Calling it a studio may give the wrong picture of Annika Wennberg's workplace. At
the gable of an outbuilding is a corrugated plastic roof laid out on some joists. On one side is one
windbreak installed, two sides are fully open.

Since it is a workplace, it has its own order, for a casual visitor difficult todiscover, but that she works with wood is beyond doubt. In addition to the raw material in the form of sticks, twigs and cubes in a pile on one side, substances in different stages of processing are scattered here and there. Lying on a planer bench
tools and in front of it two different stallions that she herself built.

Finished, semi-finished and started sculptures stand, lie or hang in different places around. This is the whole forest and all the wooden sticks at one and the same time. Olle Niklasson, Zenit summer issue 2021

26Mar 12:00 - 16:00 Flaménska Galleriet
27Mar 12:00 - 15:00 Flaménska Galleriet
31Mar 15:00 - 18:00 Flaménska Galleriet
01Apr 12:00 - 15:00 Flaménska Galleriet
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Contact information

Södra Torget 4
503 35 Borås
Phone: +46-733973409