Messiah Hallberg

Sagateatern, Borås
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In the autumn of 2022, the award-winning and critically acclaimed comedian Messiah Hallberg embarks on a tour of Sweden with the new stand-up show Messiah Hallberg live - A life's work with a humorous touch. The new show focuses on the personal and tough insights he gained from the pandemic year.

In the new show Messiah Hallberg live - A life work with a humorous touch, Messiah Hallberg challenges himself by trying to take the stand-up show to the next level. It is the own lessons of the pandemic year that form the basis of the show. With him, he has several insights and experiences about experiencing a pandemic, grief and anxiety without a natural place to ventilate those feelings.

- I had a really tough year. In addition to the pandemic that hit the world, I suffered personal grief, I quit my job and put down my podcast. There were days when I never thought I would perform again. The new show is based on that,says Messiah Hallberg. This may very well be the last thing I do on a standup scene, so I think it's just as good to go out with a bang.

Messiah Hallberg is one of the country's most skilled and esteemed comedians according to many critics. The previous solo shows The Misunderstood Prophet and Scenes from a "Marriage" have been praised by both reviewers and audiences. In 2018, he won the category Male Comedian of the Year at the Swedish Standup Gala and his first solo show can be seen on Netflix even today. Messiah Hallberg's ability to weave dark cynicism into everyday problems makes him stand out in Swedish standup and makes him one of our most unique entertainers.

- I have done two solo shows now with regular standup. With this show, I intend to break that template, challenge the audience and myself, question the standup itself as an art form, says Messiah Hallberg.

October 1, 2022 is the premiere of the solo show Messiah HallbergLive - A life's work with a humorous touch in Växjö and then a big tour awaits which runs until January 2023.

About Messiah Hallberg
Messiah Hallberg began his career as a comedian in 2009. After only two years in the industry, he was awarded at the Swedish Standup Gala with the award Tändstickan for having renewed Swedish standup. In 2015, he toured in Sweden and Norway with the stand-up show Politisk autokorrekt with the Norwegian comedian Martin Beyer-Olsen. Messiah Hallberg has also been seen in television programs such as The Finest Family, Robsson's and Parliament.

In 2016, Messiah started together with Jakob Öqvist the humor podcast Freakshow and the following year he toured with his first acclaimed solo performance The Misunderstood Prophet and received the award Male Comedian of the Year at the Swedish Standup Gala. Right now he is in the final stages of the tour Scenes from a "marriage" - and current with the new onethe podcast The Daily Messiah which he does together with Klara Doktorow and John Willander Lambrell.

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