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This spring, Jill Johnson and her dynamic trio will go on an extensive tour of Sweden. We saw Jill on stage in a small tour this summer and already this spring she and the band go out on the roads again with "Havana Tour".

- "I have fallen head over heels for my trio and feel how they develop and challenge me as a musician. I have asked them to accompany me during the spring tour and as always we mix big and small scenes because I love to stand on my own two feet before the task of touching the audience with different conditions every night. ”- Jill Johnson

With her is a brand new album "Dear Havana", which contains newly written, very personal material. The entire album is a letter to the eldest daughter Havana. Now the whole of Sweden gets the chance to see Jill Johnson on stage with both old classics and completely newly written songs.

Jill continues: "Havana Tour" leans towards my letter to my daughter in the form of an album, "Dear Havana", mixedwith the music the scenes around Sweden want. I yearn!"

Admission: 17:30

Start: 19:30

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