Magnus Betnér

Sagateatern, Borås
|Translated by Google translation|

Magnus Betnér comes to Sagateatern!

In 2016, after another sold-out tour, Magnus retired from the Swedish stand-up scene on a well-deserved pension. However, the break was shorter than planned as both the audience's demand and Magnus' own longing became too great. In 2019, he was on stage again, better than ever. Since then, Magnus has released no less than four standup specials and Sweden's hardest working comedians made almost two hundred appearances last year.

No Swedish comedian has been more keen on testing new approaches and being at the forefront of stand-up development than Magnus Betnér. Before each performance, he writes new material and the idea is that the material continues to live and is designed during the tour. In addition to pushing boundaries and developing stand-up as a genre, it gives the audience an insight into how a performance grows and takes shape.