Louise By Mathias Johansson

Abecita Art Museum - Closed until 25 February 2021, Borås
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Louise Joséphine Bourgeois - world famous, pioneering and complex - born December 25, 1911 in Paris, died May 31, 2010 in New York, was a French-born American sculptor, painter and illustrator. She is perhaps best known for her works "The Destruction of the Father" and the giant spider "Maman" but has during her life experimented with different kinds of materials and expressions. Louise Bourgeois made her debut as an artist in the mid - 1940s but did not make her breakthrough until 1982 with her own exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York - she was then 71 years old.

In this exhibition, Abecita shows Mathias Johansson's photographs of Louise Bourgeois, taken in her studio and home in 1995 and 1998, as well as the museum's own collected works by her. Mathias Johansson shows us with his intimate and warm photography this strong artist in the most sacred of creation and for Mathias himself, this assignment became significant for his career. We get to see works by both of theseartists together - Louise Bourgeois and Mathias Johansson - and get to know Louise Bourgeois better.

Mathias Johansson's photo series has previously been shown at Malmö Art Gallery and the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, among others.

Opening: 27 January 2022, at 18.30.

The exhibition runs from January 27 to May 15, 2022, at Abecita Popkonst & Foto.

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From Knalleland Train Station and bus stop about 2 minutes. On foot from Resecentrum, about 15 minutes to the museum. By car - follow the simplest signage towards Borås Zoo, well inside its parking lot, keep right past Borås Simarena and 200 m down the street is Abecita Popkonst & Foto (formerly called Abecita Art Museum).