Lasse and Gatan

Sagateatern, Borås
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In "Lasse i Gatan", the Dohlsten Brothers take you through the true story of one of Sweden's most mythical men and it will be interspersed with a lot of music, joyful reflections and laughter.

-We wanted to write about Lasse in the street because he had a fantastic reputation as a dangerous pirate. In our research, we instead found something completely different. Behind the myths and rumors, we got to know an entrepreneur and entrepreneur. During his short life of 27 years, Lars became Gothenburg's 4th richest man through his entrepreneurship. Lars was also appointed head of Sweden's hijackers by the then king Charles XII.

He is today buried with his wife Ingela in Onsala church. Tells Brothers John and Victor.

The brothers' previous performance "Farewell Majorna" was played for sold-out performances at both Aftonstjärnan (2018) and Storan in Gothenburg (2019) and now Victor and John Dohlsten are back with the performance "Lasse i Gatan" which takes you backto 18th century western Sweden when everything was possible.

The show has a break, remember to pre-book if necessary. drinks and snacks so you do not have to queue during the break.

Price information

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Price SEK 330 (excl. Service fee)