Tuesdays C / O - Mats Strandberg, Hässleholmen

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"Tuesdays at Kulturhuset" moves the lectures to Hässleholmen, Norrby, Sjöbo and Kristineberg and arranges workshops for you between 10 and 13 years.

Stephen King gave me stress eczema. Mats Strandberg loves horrible stories but was afraid of almost everything when he was a child.

Time: 2021-09-14 19.00
Location: Hässlehuset

Mats Strandberg is the author who loves terrible stories but was afraid of almost everything when he was a child. He found a valve in books by Stephen King and Astrid Lindgren where brave children stood up to evil. Mats Strandberg had his big breakthrough in 2011 with the world success Cirkeln (written together with Sara Bergmark Elfgren).

He made his debut with the novel Jaktsäsong 2006 and has since written several acclaimed reader successes, Färjan (2015) and Hemmet (2017) as well as a new fantasy trilogy about Monstret Frank for children 6-9 years together with the illustratorSofia Falkenhem. Now he is up to date with the bloody thriller The Conference, which is about a dysfunctional working group that is being chased by a vengeful killer. Now they must learn to cooperate seriously if they are to have a chance of survival.

The youth fantasy novel The Circle, which he co-authored with Sara Bergmark Elfgren, was nominated for the August Prize in the youth book category in 2011. and most recently The Conference, which is a bloody thriller about the worst team building ever.

Conversation with the cultural journalist Neta Norrmo about her writing and love of horror.

Workshop 10-13 years, at 18.30 - FREE

We create an image together! We talk about what fear is, how it feels, what are we afraid of and when can it be good to be afraid? After, we paint together a picture of what fear can look like.

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Price: 60 kr