Borås writes - Workshop

Borås Stadsbibliotek, Borås
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A city. 400 years. A writing project. Borås turns 400 years old and the Libraries in Borås celebrate with a writing project where they want to collect your stories about what it is like to be a Borås resident today.

The libraries in Borås will then compile the stories in a digital book that will be published on their website. It will be a time document about what it is like to live in Borås right now, in 2021. For all ages!

On September 8, they organize a get started workshop at Borås City Library, where you can get help getting started in your writing!

Do you already want to start writing about what it is like to be from Borås today? How to use!

Write and tell! Write a short story, a poem, a letter, a kåseri or whatever you want! Send your text to
• Maximum 3,000 characters including spaces.
• You can be anonymous, but enter pseudonym and age.
• If you are under 16 years of age, a guardian must sign oneconsent form!
• Deadline for submission 30 September 2021.


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