Exhibition: Three young people from the Autumn Salon

Flaménska Galleriet, Borås
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Malou Larsson (b. 1991, Örby)

Operating in Gothenburg, Sockerbruket. Education: Ceramics, School of Design and Crafts, 2019.

“Right now I am sculpting creatures and beings. Examines the meeting between the material clay, glaze and emotions "

Hedvig Ingvarsson (b. 1994 in Borås)

Has studied at Dômen and Gothenburg Art School as well as art history and theoretical philosophy at the University of Gothenburg.

“I work between light and darkness, the given and the dark. In silence and shadow I examine perception, thoughts become trees. ”

Sunniva Ingvarsson (b. 1994, Borås)

Takes his bachelor's degree in Free Art at Konstfack in Stockholm 2021.

“I stayed at Konstfack overnight and painted in peace and quiet. No one was told that I did so, because it was a way for me to get in touch with something other than the daily. "

Readmore about the exhibition at flamenska.se.

The exhibition runs from 5-15 August 2021.

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Södra Torget 4
Phone: +46-733973409

Organizer: Borås och Sjuhäradsbygdens konstförening

E-mail: info@flamenska.se

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Open during the exhibition periods: Thursdays 15–18, Friday – Sunday 12–15. Opening day - always a Saturday - 12–16.

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