Mats Alfredsson presents "Room for Street" - Claes Hillén

Abecita Art Museum - Closed until 25 February 2021, Borås
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Street Photography is growing all over the world. It is a genre that reflects fast moments in everyday life, almost always with human elements. What is common is that the pictures are never arranged, the people in the motifs are not addressed in advance. Abecita Pop Art and Photography are crazy about this, to say the least, interesting genre. Therefore, Abecita earmarks a large part of floor 4 for Street Photography, presented by Mats Alfredsson. Room For Street is a new long-term concept intended to strengthen and develop Swedish street photography.

“I see it as an incredible privilege to have the chance to create an increased awareness of this genre. And also do it together with talented photographers who I respect and develop myself from ", adds Mats Alfredsson.

This period, the street photographer will show his work. Claes Hillén goes for walks in the city daily with his camera. He focuses on photographing those momentsmost just walk by. Whether the pictures are taken on the street, in the pub, in public transport or in some rough little alley, the pictures always contain people. People who do not know that they will be photographed.

Claes has been photographing himself through life ever since one day at the age of 11 when he stole his father's camera, a silver Agfa with a brown leather case. For many years he photographed a lot in nature, but for the last 8 years he has mainly devoted himself to Street photography, or street photography as it is called in Swedish.

"That 2020 would be a year without travel days feels completely crazy," says Claes. “During a normal year, I have about 75 travel days where I try to capture man and soul in Europe's big cities. The advantage of traveling is that you are free and have time to take pictures around the clock, ”smiles Claes. However, taking pictures at home in Gothenburg is still everyday and Claes can hardly go out with the dog without the cameraIs with. In the past year, the “corona year”, Claes has had three street photo exhibitions, two in Gothenburg and one in Stockholm. Now new, bigger challenges await: Abecita Pop Art and Photography in Borås with the exhibition Street Characters!

The exhibition runs from February 25 to October 10, 2021.

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Regular opening hours: Tuesday - Friday 12-16 Saturday and Sunday 12-15.

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|Translated by Google translation| Bus 100 from Gothenburg to Resecentrum, then bus 3 to Knalleland - in the middle of the press office. By train from Stockholm or Herrljunga there is a station 100 m from the museum. A stop before Borås! Central Station.


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From Knalleland Train Station and bus stop about 2 minutes. On foot from Resecentrum, about 15 minutes to the museum. By car - follow the easiest signpost towards Borås Zoo, well inside its parking lot, keep right past Borås Simarena and 200 m down the street is the Abecita Art Museum.