Dan Isaac Wallin - Silence Speaks

Abecita Art Museum - Closed until 25 February 2021, Borås
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How much wear is a picture worth? Photographer Dan Isaac Wallin leaves civilization, crosses deserts and heads to distant islands. He drags a large format camera and Polaroid film with him. Stays for a long time, reflects and studies nature. But despite all the time and all the hardships, it's worth it. The local composition is sitting. Then something unique arises in the moment of exposure. Slightly larger than the meeting between the gaze, the camera and the subject. For Dan, photography is a process. An artistic, technical and craft expedition, shown in a collective exhibition.

Dan Isaac Wallin works from his studio in Majorna. He has exhibited in galleries in Sweden and abroad, and has published three photo books.

The exhibition runs from February 25 to October 10, 2021.

Contact information

Herrljungagatan 15
Phone: +46-768350102
Booking: +46-768350102

Organizer: Abecita Pop- & Fotokonst

E-mail: michaela@abecitakonst.se

Opening hours

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Regular opening hours: Tuesday - Friday 12-16 Saturday and Sunday 12-15.

Public transportation

|Translated by Google translation| Bus 100 from Gothenburg to Resecentrum, then bus 3 to Knalleland - in the middle of the press office. By train from Stockholm or Herrljunga there is a station 100 m from the museum. A stop before Borås! Central Station.


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From Knalleland Train Station and bus stop about 2 minutes. On foot from Resecentrum, about 15 minutes to the museum. By car - follow the easiest signpost towards Borås Zoo, well inside its parking lot, keep right past Borås Simarena and 200 m down the street is the Abecita Art Museum.