Baby matinee: A poodle in the herd

Boras Cinema Röda Kvarn, Borås
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Baby matinee: A poodle in the herd

Finding yourself can be a real treat! Freddy Lupine, the young cocky heir to the throne in an ancient werewolf family, can barely recover until the day he himself is allowed to become a wolf for the first time. But during the mythical ceremony, his howling mistake goes and Freddy turns into something much less terrifying - a poodle! Mocked and rejected, he gets to the next moonrise to break the curse and prove to the herd that a real wolf heart beats behind the cute curl. Swedish speech.

Film facts
Directed by Alexs Stadermann
Country: Australia /Belgium
Year: 2020
Censorship: NOT READY
Duration: 93 minutes

Tickets: SEK 60

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Borås Bio is a stone's throw from Borås Central Station and Borås Resecentrum, by Knalletorget along the river Viskan, opposite the restaurant Kök'et and in direct connection to the restaurant Babbel.