Borås Basket in the Swedish Baket League

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Will Borås Basket be able to keep its place as Swedish champion. Follow them digitally in the fight for another gold.

Here you have Borås Basket's home matches in the Swedish Basketball League 2020/2021.

All matches including the entire playoffs can be watched live on . Selected matches are also broadcast on SVT.


26, at 19.04, VS Fryshuset Basket


8, kl. 19.34, VS Södertälje BBK

27, kl. 19.04, VS Nässjö


2, at 19.04, VS Umeå BSKT

8, kl. 19.04, VS BC Luleå

19, kl. 19.04, VS Södertälje BBK

27, kl. 19.04, VS Jämtland Basket


2, KL. 19.04, VS Köping Stars

16, kl. 19.04, VS Jämtland Basket

FINALS 2021: The playoffs tentatively begin with the quarterfinals Wednesday, April 21 - Monday, May 3. The quarterfinalsis played in the best of five matches where Team 1 meets Team 8, Team 2 meets Team 7, Team 3 meets Team 6 and Team 4 is pitted against Team 5.

The semi-finals start on Thursday 6 May and are decided in the best of seven matches where teams with the highest ranking in the basic series have the advantage of an extra home match. The final series, which is also played in the best of seven matches, will be decided on Monday 24 May - Tuesday 6 June.

27Feb 19:04
02Mar 19:04
08Mar 19:04
19Mar 19:04
27Mar 19:04
02Apr 19:04
16Apr 19:04

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