Textile Fashion Center helps you become a "sustainability expert"

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Do you want to be a world improver? Do you want to be good at sustainability and understand how to do it? You can get knowledge and inspiration at Textile Fashion Center's evening lectures with the theme of sustainability throughout the anniversary year 2021!

As part of Borås' 400th anniversary, Textile Fashion Center is arranging free lectures on sustainability. We want to talk about facts, examples, issues, ideas and in conversations with you who are residents of Borås about this exciting and important topic that runs like a common thread through the center.

We invite you to 8 evenings in 2021 for you who are curious, interested, enthusiastic and knowledge-hungry or simply just want to know more. You will also gain an understanding of what Textile Fashion Center contains and offers.

Most of the lectures focus on textiles, clothing and /or fashion, but there are also other topics related to activities in the center. Read more and sign upto one or more - there is no limit.

Due to the pandemic, we plan for the first lectures during the winter and spring of 2021 to go digital. There should be no obstacle - you just need a computer and click on a link to join.

Welcome to the Textile Fashion Center and the opportunity for knowledge and inspiration to contribute to a better world!

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