Lasse Stefanz - The first sweet years - Moving forward

Åhaga - a place for experiences!, Borås
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In light of the prevailing situation, we have decided with heavy heart to cancel Friday's concert with Lasse Stefanz in Borås.

But, pleasantly enough, we have a new date, Sunday September 20 at Åhaga.

Your purchased ticket is valid for that evening, so you do not have to do anything.

Since the show is being moved, we do not buy tickets.

Lasse Stefanz with over 50 years on the roads, now comes to Borås for the first time with his acclaimed and critically acclaimed performance "The first sweet years". You get to hear the band's big hits as well as the occasional musical surprise, breathtaking stories of a life in quad beats and broken tour buses, from adversity to great success. Lots of memories, laughter and emotions from a band that today is both cult and culture ...

The evening is led by the host and dance band expert Thomas Deutgen who interviews the band on stage where you also get to see unique movie clips, picturesand stories. It frames the musical evening with the songs you are sure to recognize.

Immediately after the performance, the band is available for signing and the LS shop is in place with lots of products.

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Price information

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SEK 595 including service charge, no repurchases.