Autumn holiday at Stadsparksbadet

Stadsparksbadet, Borås
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Stadsparksbadet is a family pool for all ages with a 25 meter pool with 8 lanes, wave pool, 2 whirlpools, jumping pool with 1 m failure and 3 m ledge, teaching pool and a small lagoon with toys for the little ones.

Autumn holiday 2020
NOTE! Important info see below:

Information about restrictions and opening hours autumn holiday 2020

October 26 - November 1 is the autumn holiday.

Our opening hours are
Monday-Tuesday at 6.30-21.00
Wednesday at 6.00-21.00
Thursday-Friday at 6.30-21.00
Saturday-Sunday at 10.00-16.00

We have a limit of a maximum of 100 people at a time
in the facility under the prevailing situation. Everyone has to pay whether they bathe or not.

Due to limitations in the number of visitors, there can sometimes be some waiting time at the checkout /reception.
Remember to keep your distance and queue outside the entrance if there are too many inside.

Block times Monday-Friday (Max 100 peoplein each block)
Block Morning
Kl. 6.30-9.00 Morning swim, Wednesdays at 6.00-9.00
The bath closes at 9.00

Block 1 starts at 9.00-12.00
The pools close at 11.30 and guests must leave the bath no later than kl. 12.00

Block 2 starts at 12.00-15.00
The pools close at 14.30 and guests must leave the bath no later than kl. 15.00

Block 3 starts at 15.00-18.00
The pools close at 17.30 and guests must leave the bath no later than kl. 18.00

Block Evening
After 18.00 there is no block but we reserve bands for booked activities.
We refer to play on other blocks in the first place.

Block times Saturday-Sunday (Max 100 people in each block)
Block 1
starts at 10.00 to kl. 12.30, when the pools close and the guests must have left the bath no later than kl. 13.00.

Block 2
starts at 13.00 ends at 15.30, checkout closes at 15.00, the bath closes at 16.00 then everyone should have left the bathhouse.

Checkoutcloses 60 minutes earlier. The pools and sauna close 30 minutes earlier.