Elin Berge - Lars Tunbjörkstiftelsen's winner 2020

Abecita Art Museum, Borås
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Abecita Art Museum closes from Monday 16/11 and is closed until 31 January 2021.

"We want to contribute to fewer people moving in society during this increasing spread of covid-19.

We follow the development and FHM's advice and will return with more information. Take care of you for so long, we miss you! "

Elin Berge is an internationally acclaimed documentary photographer and winner of the 2020 Lars Tunbjörk Prize. As a photographer, she has made herself known for having a strong and clear voice in her images and she tells in-depth and with a long-term perspective about worlds that revolve around women's bodies and identities.

As a prize winner, Elin will exhibit at the Abecita Art Museum, where several different projects will be shown. The exhibition will be extensive and we will see the later project Awakening but also previous projects such as Veils, Queenland and the Kingdom. The exhibition shows Elin Berge's breadth and the subjects sheengages in.

The jury's full motivation reads: “Elin Berge's photography is characterized by a desire to discover, commitment and determination. Women often have the main role in her pictures. They can only have breasts, dress in Thai festive costumes in Västerbotten's spruce forest, wear veils or hold spiritual goddess celebrations in the forest - Elin Berge sees them all. On the outside we are different, but on the inside we are probably quite similar ”.

The exhibition runs until 21 February 2021.

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Exhibitions running until 23 May 2021:

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Location: Abecita Art Museum

Opening hours

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Wednesday - Friday 12-16, Saturday & Sunday 11-15

Price information

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Adult SEK 100 - coffee included

Students SEK 50

School group (under 15 years) - SEK 400

For 15 years, in the company of parents - free admission

No fee to the café

Public transportation

|Translated by Google translation| Bus 100 from Gothenburg to Resecentrum, then bus 3 to Knalleland - in the middle of the press office. By train from Stockholm or Herrljunga there is a station 100 m from the museum. A stop before Borås! Central Station.


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From Knalleland Train Station and bus stop about 2 minutes. On foot from Resecentrum, about 15 minutes to the museum. By car - follow the easiest signpost towards Borås Zoo, well inside its parking lot, keep right past Borås Simarena and 200 m down the street is the Abecita Art Museum.