Fashion Exposed - 100 years of Swedish fashion photography

Textile Museum - Closed for the time being, Borås
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Due to the Swedish Public Health Agency's new directive, the Textile Museum will be closed until 2021-01-24.

Fashion Exposed - 100 years of Swedish fashion photography will be a new exhibition at the Textile Museum this autumn. Here, the changing expression of fashion photography during different time periods is shown based on images of fourteen Swedish fashion photographers. The exhibition is produced by Landskrona museum /Landskrona photo in collaboration with costume historian Tonie Lewenhaupt.

Fashion is an exciting, often controversial, but constantly creative expression. Photography is an important part of the language of fashion as a way of communicating our changing ideals. The images speak to us directly with an enticing imagery, but are treacherously truthful.

Fashion photography is a specialized niche, a form of time document that follows the currents of its time. From being viewed with some skepticism, the status of fashion photography was raised during the 1960s when it became trendy to work with fashion.Today, fashion photography exists together with fashion illustration in the borderland between the commercial and the artistic. Costume historian Tonie Lewenhaupt explains:

"Fashion photography is, of course, about manipulation. Hard marketing of design brands […] At the same time, fashion photography is a silent language, a concrete communication, a specific and developed news dissemination. . "

The exhibition presents how Swedish fashion photographers perceived and depicted fashion from the 1940s until today. Fourteen photographers are represented, for example Georg Oddner, Hans Hammarskiöld, Kerstin Bernhard, Claes Lewenhaupt, Mattias Edwall, Carl Bengtsson and Borås-born Sandra Freij. But fashion photography has long been an international activity, so even though the exhibition focuses on Swedish fashion photographers, most have been or are internationalactive. This is reflected in both clients, expressions and the environment - everything from beautiful landscapes in Mexico to hectic big cities like Paris.

The exhibition is produced by Landskrona Museum /Landskrona Foto and is curated by Janne Jönsson and Anneli Oxenstierna. The texts in the exhibition and the accompanying catalog are written by costume historian Tonie Lewenhaupt. At the Textile Museum, the exhibition will have a larger space and therefore it will be expanded with a selection of extra pictures. This is what museum director Ulrika Kullenberg says:

"Photography is a bit more unusual to show here at the Textile Museum, but fashion photography is closely linked to the fashion industry and gives a different perspective on fashion development than the garments themselves. Many of us encounter fashion images almost daily so it is an important topic to address. It feels extra fun that this exhibition is based on a Swedish perspective as the Textile Museum has shown a lot internationallyfashion in recent years. "

The exhibition will be shown at the Textile Museum 10 October 2020 - 7 March 2021

Opening hours

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OPENING HOURS: Tuesday 12-17 Wednesday 12-17 Thursday 12-19 Friday 12-17 Saturday 12-16 Sunday 12-16

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Adult and pensioner: SEK 50
Annual card: SEK 150
Customer at Sparbanken Sjuhärad: SEK 50. Valid for payment with one of the bank's cards.
Children and young people up to 25 years and students: free admission
The entrance and the annual card are valid for the entire museum and all our exhibitions.

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The following photographers are represented in the exhibition:

Carl Bengtsson - Kerstin Bernhard - Sten Didrik Bellander - Mattias Edwall - Sandra Freij - Hans Hammarskiöld - Rune Hassner - Julia Hetta - Erik Holmén - Ewa-Mari Johansson - Claës Lewenhaupt - Arne Nilsson - Georg Oddner - Ralf Turander

The exhibition is produced by Landskrona Museum / Landskrona Foto