Canoe and pedal boat rental

|Translated by Google translation|

At Borås Camping you can rent canoes and pedalos. Take a short trip in the river Viskan or all the way out to Öresjö and maybe to Almenäs. Bring coffee and enjoy along the way or have an ice cream or something easier to eat at Almenäs Café. If you have a little more habit and are a little more daring, take a longer trip. With a little lift /obstacle along the way, you can paddle right into the center.

Call the Campsite to book. There are 10 canoes for hire. It costs 70 SEK /canoe per hour or 180 SEK /canoe /day. More information can be found at:

An adult must always be present. Don't forget to bring your ID. Life jackets are available to borrow, if you do not have your own.

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