Borås Pride 2020

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Borås Pride June 25-27, 2020.

Borås Pride is a free norm breaking (queer) festival in the heart of Borås. Together we create safe meeting places for LGBTQIA people and, through, among other things, workshops and lectures, raise the daily life situation.

The festival is primarily aimed at LGBTQIA people in Borås and the region, but of course welcomes all who share Borås Pride's values to participate.

The purpose is to highlight the norms that permeate society and its consequences. Borås Pride wants to bring Borås to an open folk party and encourage an open climate that breaks norms, prejudice and discrimination.

During the three days of the festival, meeting places and arenas for knowledge deepening, conversation, enlightenment, reflection, societal influence and attitude change are created. The goal is for Borås Pride to be a joy and celebration where memories of new people, acquaintances and in-depth knowledge lead to long-term development.for a better society for LGBTQIA people.

Common values for Borås Pride should be: norm-breaking (queer), openness, accessibility, inclusion, continuing education and joy.

Look out here to see the program for 2020.


Contact information

RFSL / Borås
Magasinsgatan 1
503 31 Borås
Phone: +46-33106970