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Borås Zoo - one of Sweden's largest zoos, Borås
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A sure spring sign. Borås Zoo now remains open every day. Come and visit the Zoo and have a great day with your family, family or friends.

Most animals are shown outdoors but for those animals that are sensitive to cold, you are welcome into the stables to meet them up close.


During your visit, we assure you that we are working proactively on Borås Zoo to minimize the risk of infection, including overview of infection control and cleaning routines throughout the facility. We assure that we will continue to act quickly if we are obliged to do so and take all necessary efforts to protect our visitors, staff and animals.

We ask all our visitors to respect and maintain a high standard of personal hygiene when visiting Borås Zoo. There are simple things you can do yourself to prevent the spread of the virus, including:

  • Avoidto touch the face or eyes and to avoid close contact with sick people.
  • Take care and keep distance from other guests
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and warm water; especially after toilet visits and before meals.
  • Hand liquor can be a good complement to hand washing. There are good opportunities for hand washing around the park.
  • By coughing and sneezing in the arm fold or in a tissue, you prevent infection from spreading in your environment or from contaminating your hands.
  • Stay at home when you are ill to avoid infecting people in other communities and in your vicinity.
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Contact information

Borås Djurpark AB
Alidelundsgatan 11
Phone: +46-33353270
Fax: +46-33105339

Organizer: Borås Djurpark


Price information

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Entrance prices 2020


April 4 - May 31 & September 1 - November 1

Adult (from 13 years): SEK 239

Children 3-12 years: SEK 169

Children 0-2 years: FREE

Pensioner (+ 65 years): SEK 239


July 1 - August 31

Adult (from 13 years): SEK 349

Children 3-12 years: SEK 259

Children 0-2 years: FREE

Pensioner (+ 65 years): SEK 349

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Borås Zoo
Borås Zoo is a green oasis in the middle of Borås, which today is both a recreation and hiking area as well as one of Sweden's largest and most modern zoos. There are nearly 600 animals of about 65 species in an exciting nature.