Taste Åhaga

Åhaga - a place for experiences!, Borås
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The concept where you can enjoy all the exciting in drinks and delicacies from both local and international suppliers.

In addition to being able to visit the fair's exhibitors, where everything from local producers to international beverage importers and producers are included, you also have the opportunity to visit separate seminars and tastings. Of course, the years' previous success is also with this year - the Champagne bar, where you can taste the charismatic duo oysters and champagne.

Åhaga is very happy to now be able to present a trade fair with fantastic tasteful content - in an environment where the atmosphere from the 100-year-old locomotive workshop creates a perfect setting and feeling for the event.

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Public transportation

|Translated by Google translation| Bus line 7 or 9, towards Hedvigsborg, Monday to Friday. Bus stop Daltorps school. Bus line 2, towards Trandared every day. Bus stop Daltorp. Footbridge over Söderleden to Åhaga.