Café at Brämhults Gård + STORE MODE - TEXTILE - JEWELRY - BEAUTY

Brämhults Farm, Borås
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Weekend 4-5/4 happens a little extra at Brämhults Gård. Pop-Up shop /mini fair with fashion, textiles, jewelry and beauty.


Saturday 4/4 at 11-15
Sunday 5/4 at 11-15

In conjunction with our café, we also open our Pop-Up Store theme MODE /TEXTIL /JEWELRY /BEAUTY with a sustainable perspective:

Futah Towels textile, Milook fashion, Design Vintage clothing, Crown pillow anatomical sleeping pillow.

ENTERTAINMENT: Song and music 🎶 with Sandra Sisters in the orangery about 12 o'clock.

At Brämhults Gård you do not need to be crowded into crowded premises. In the cafe you pick a snack basket full of goodies and borrow with blankets and enjoy the wonderful environment.

Find your own cozy place here in the yard outdoors or indoors, for example in the orangery with the Mediterranean feel. Or drop down at the winding forest stream and beach edge to the water lily pond. Take the love path up to the love grove, which is a popular place for weddingswith beautiful views of the pasture gardens. There are many places for a nice snack at Brämhults Gård.

If you want to sit indoors, there are several exciting places in spacious rooms. The pigsty near the outdoor terrace, the couch group by the wood shelf where the fireplace is lit, rustic Höloftet with high ceilings and thick wooden beams or beautiful Lining chamber with the wood stove lit and a beautiful view of the lantidyll through the large panoramic window.

In summary, an environment for social interaction with friends and family is offered where the risks of the Corona virus are minimized, inter alia by:

- Airy and spacious environment with places both outdoors and indoors
- Plenty between the coffee tables
- Airy environment
- Handheld stations
- Packed goodies, sandwiches and fig breads

04Apr 11:00 - 15:00 Brämhults Farm
05Apr 11:00 - 15:00 Brämhults Farm

Contact information

Brämhults Gård
Eskilsryd 7
50790 Brämhults
Phone: +46-709853535


Opening hours

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Saturday 11.00-15.00