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Kulturbolaget Bara Gört /KBBG Agency proudly presents together with ABF Sjuhärad, Fristads, Qtech, KulturUngdom, Svensk Live and the Cultural Council Slowgold & Träden (Tree Grass And Stones) live at Klubb Underground's stage at Pumphuset in Borås September 5 ..

SLOWGOLD Slowgold is Amanda Werner's musical alias. She creates timeless, poetic stories that are conveyed with the help of distant guitars as well as dreamy song exclamations. In 2015 she released two albums, Stjärnfall and Glömska. Two years later came the acclaimed album Drömmar and last year the Grammis-awarded album Mörkare was released. During the winter /spring 2020, a new single and album will be released.

Slowgold's upcoming album Aska is the result of a feeling that has been around for several years, which has matured through the latest self-produced albums. The musical references go back to the music from Amanda's upbringing and the album is partly a settlement with the development of Slowgold's history.

Firstthe single "Nåt" is part of this. To rage to create new opportunities and to really let go of what has been. Although the sound may be perceived as new, it is based on life before Slowgold. Ash will be released on Playground Music on February 21.

Amanda has played live in On the track, been a part of Freddie Wadling's band, guested First Aid Kit and bob dog and adorned newspaper covers for Faktum, Dagens Nyheter, Göteborgs-Posten and Sonic.

Slowgold has toured extensively and has played at Way Out West, By: Alarm, Garaget i Hammenhög, Pustervik, Storsjöyran and Debaser Strand, and has also been on Klubb Underground's stage together with Drums & Organ. Now it is time again and this time together with the legends in Trees (Trees Grass And Stones)

THE TREES (Tree Grass And Stones) This band does not need any direct presentation for the already inaugurated but here comes a brief summary for the uninitiated.

That was the end of itThe 60s and it was summer of love, it was hippies, protests against the war in Vietnam, student revolts, new trends in art and music. In 1969, Harvester, formerly International Harvester, was transformed into Trees, Grass and Stones, with largely the same members and more developed ideas about what to do with the music. Trees, Gräs and Stenar organized the very first Fest on Gärdet already a few months before what would become the big manifestation on Gärdet later in August the same summer. That first little party became the igniting spark of what would become the so-called Music Movement, with a music party in almost every bush. It spread like wildfire through Sweden from south to north. Trees Grass And Stones were also pioneers in another area, they moved out into the countryside and began growing vegetables. They also opened the first biodynamic restaurant in Stockholm, the Seed. Concerts were like long sessions then long versionsof, for example, "All along the watch tower" began quietly and teasingly to reach a huge almost self-oscillating peak and then land again half an hour later.

Now reshaped with partially new young strong members then stands Grass and Stones at Club Underground's Stage at the Pump House on September 5 ..

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