Sgt. Pepper Affinity interprets the Beatles

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Sgt. Pepper Affinity interprets Beatle's music acoustically and with vocal vocals. At KalasTeatern's performances you are welcome to bring your own food and drink. This has become an appreciated concept. If you are not so hungry you can bring some cheese and wine, some coffee or nothing at all. Coffee and cake /bun are available in the pocket. Gather the gang and come and experience live music & theater in an intimate and lovely atmosphere.

All places are at table and unnumbered, first come, first served.
As a rule, the doors are opened at. 18:30 and performances begin at. 19:15. There is always at least a break of about 20 minutes.

Presentation of the band
For Måns Riise, and his two band mates in Sgt Pepper Affinity, Helge Hesslefors and Rolf Engqvist, the Beatles are more than just a band. It's a musical point they return to and never really get away from. - They have found each other "in the elderlythere. "Helge Hesslefors and Rolf Enqvist already played together in a trio with Björn Hallberg, but when he moved to Varberg they started looking for a new member. They heard about Måns Riise and called. They met at Helge Hesslefors's home and tried singing this Boy trumpetically, even then it was clear that there was reason to continue playing the Beatles in their own way, Sgt Pepper Affinity is not a cover band in the classic sense of the word. Rather, it is about interpreting Beatles music acoustically and with vocal vocals.

Price information

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SEK 150 for members in the association Hemgården

SEK 200 ordinary