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Ålgården - Artists' Workshop and Gallery, Borås
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This year's third exhibition at Ålgården is about pictures of animals. And is there anything more human and universal than the depiction of animals? ...

... The magnificent size of the animals makes one feel very small. Humility, for once, succeeds in pushing away the human vanity that is at the center of the idea that only man has the right to exist. this unflattering feature of humanity, which has caused us to dress other animals in shackles, for the sake of our high pleasure, is questioned.

Stina Folkebrant's large paintings of animals, most of them in natural size, give a fantastic impression. Painted with only black acrylic paint and with a technique inspired by the Chinese canvas painting, the effect becomes almost photo-realistic when viewed from a distance. Only when you get closer do the individual brushstrokes appear as small straws that create a living whole. The reverence for the animals is clear. (Text ofFreddie Ross, The county newspaper Östersund, April 3, 2019).

Amazingly good and nothing can be more important than pointing to the wealth of nature and without touching sticks to make us realize how threatened it is - because of us. (Text by Björn Springfeldt, former director of the Modern Museum, Stockholm, June 19, 2019).

About Stina:

My name is Stina Folkebrant and I was born in 1968 in Borås where I also grew up.

I live and work in Stockholm. When I was 18, I started as a decor painter at Borås Stadsteater and the work in the decor studio has given me a great knowledge of color and technology and not least the fearlessness of painting big.

My art school studies have consisted of KV Art School in Gothenburg and Birka Art School in Stockholm. My depth at Birka was sculpture.

I have studied Art Science and History of Religion at Stockholm University. My essays were about chán (zen)painting in China during the 11-1200s.

Within me both the practical painting and the theoretical philosophical.

I am educated in classical European painting but have also studied Chinese calligraphy and painting.

What I find exciting about painting is keeping the line alive. I prefer large areas as both the creative process and the viewer's experience become more physical.

The exhibition runs from March 21 - April 5.

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