Patricia Piccinini - Embracing the Future

Borås museum of modern art, Borås

Patricia Piccinini’s wondrous universe at Borås Konstmuseum From 8 February

Borås Konstmuseum explores the future with the Australian artist Patricia Piccinini. Under the title Patricia Piccinini. Embracing the Future, the art museum invites the public to a spectacular and thought-provoking exhibition about the life-forms and collectivities of the future, which will be Piccinini’s first solo show in Sweden.

It's magical, it's alluring, it's disturbing and it's bizarre - with her hyperrealist sculptures Patricia Piccinini (b. 1965) has aroused attention and enthusiasm all over the world. Her large-scale, sensuous installations are played out amidst cross-currents of science fiction, natural science and feminism. The exhibition invites the audience on a marvelous journey through a series of vivid scenes where hybrid creatures interact in everyday situations. With silicone, fibreglass, nylon, plastic and human hair Piccinini creates lifelike futuristic narratives that raise highly relevant issues of existence, climate and technology.

Exploring the future
In Piccinini's playful and transcending universe, digital and biotechnological opportunities have shaped new hybrid life forms. A realistic, centaur-like creature with fur down its back and long, sharp claws has crept into a little girl’s bed. Looks and smiles exchanged by creature and child express mutual joy and tenderness. The Welcome Guest (2011) shows the contrasts in Piccinini’s art, where the playful and the imaginative meet the bizarre and the horrific. Piccinini celebrates everything that is ‘different’ and challenges boundaries among humans, animals and plants. Here we find poetry and beauty in the connected, the strange and the diverse. She invites us to fantasize over the possible communities and kinships the future technologies will create across species.

Surviving of the caring
Patricia Piccinini’s artistic practice is embedded in a firm commitment to environmental and ecofeminist issues. In sensuous, complex works Piccinini investigates how we live and forge relations in an era when the natural and the artificial connect in new ways. Her works involve ethical messages about empathy and care for all the creatures and plants we share this earth with – and for the still unknown beings that will live among us in the future. Her universe offers dreams and hopes of a future full of loving interspecies kinships and invites us to imagine the world anew.

First solo exhibition in Sweden
The exhibition at Borås Konstmuseum is Patricia Piccinini’s first solo show in Sweden, and will thus be the first opportunity for the Swedish public to experience Piccinini’s thought-provoking chimaeric universe. Patricia Piccinini. Embracing the Future has been mounted in close collaboration with the Australian artist herself, the Institute for Cultural Exchange and ARKEN Museum of Modern Art. The show unfolds the whole range of Piccinini’s art with total installations, films and sculptures. Patricia Piccinini. Embracing the Future can be experienced at Borås Konstmuseum from 8 February until 3 May 2020.

About the artist
Patricia Piccinini was born in 1965 in Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa. In 1972, the family emigrated to Australia, where Piccinini grew up. Today Piccinini lives and works in Melbourne with her family. Piccinini holds a bachelor's degree in economics from the Australian National University and a bachelor's degree in visual arts from the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, where she has been a professor since 2017.

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