Åsa Jinder and the King, "from Fröding to Owl"

Gustav Adolf Church, Borås
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"From Fröding to Uggla" is a performance where two genuine musicians, Åsa Jinder & Kingen, meet for the first time in a concert with one for both new repertoire. Åsa has mainly made himself known through his own compositions, Kingen through both Blues and Rock'n'Roll. What these eminent musicians have in common is the foundation of strong traditions.

The concert will offer both folk music, jazz, blues and rock and roll. Using key harp, pedal steels, guitar, piano, accordion, harmonica and vocals, as well as both of their fantastic storytelling and audience contact, they form a truly unique concert. The audience will recognize the beloved songs and tunes, and get acquainted with both musical interpretations and stories they have never heard before.

Price information

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385 kr