Linné Trail Run

Borås Arena - fotboll, konferens, evenemang, Borås
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Premiere for Linné Trail Run on April 25, 2020. Popular Linnémarschen starts trail races with lanes of 9 or 21 km over Rya Åsar /Hestra.

You can choose between two courses, 9 km and 21 km. Both courses have a women's and a men's class.

Start & finish is at Borås Arena, which is also the lowest point of the courses. Both paths meet with lots of climbs where after a climb you get easy runs for your recovery. The slopes are fully walkable, although most participants probably choose to go for a party.

About the forest:
Large parts of the Linné Trail Run's trails are in the Rya Åsar nature reserve. This is characterized by wilderness-like spruce forests with small forest lakes. The area is traversed by a rich network of hiking trails, exercise trails & forest trails. From Rya Ås heights a steep slope descends to the city of Borås. The slope is characterized by dramatic steep slopes in the northin spruce forests and in the south of mixed forests with a large element of oak. In this area, the white chips spread into the millions. White ripples that just hit the end of April.

The forest is owned and managed by Borås City. Currently (December 2019) Borås City carries out some thinning and maintenance (removes, among other things, spruce bark-infested trees) in the nature reserve Rya Åsar, where Linné Trail Run. In order for you to experience the forest's finest trails & forest roads, we may revise the paths that we have planned for today.

About the substrate:
Our aim is to obtain a varied basis where we, for example, avoids stones and roots in downpours.

The distribution between different bases:
Forest road /gravel track: 50%
Walking paths /hiking trails: 40%
Grass /asphalt /artificial grass: 10%

9 km:
This course has a hefty dose of pitch. You meet most of the uphill slopesthe first half of the track, while most of the downhill runs are on the latter half. Ryssby Klint, Björbobacken & the beautiful Ramshulan are some places to meet.

Number of fluid stations: 2
Number of toilets: 2

21 km:
Has the same distance as the 9km course for the first 3 km & the last 3 km. If you choose this power test you will experience a varied nature with nice climbs, easy runs and beautiful hiking trails.

Ryssby Klint, Hestrastugan and Ramshulan are some intermediate destinations along the way.

Number of liquid stations: 4 pcs
Number of toilets: 3

Photo: CC BY-NC Evelina Other

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