Christmas activities in Borås City - December 8

Borås City, Borås
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Do you want to meet the site, see Lucia, ride or ride a horse-drawn carriage, get help with wrapping the Christmas presents or force the Christmas tree maze?
All this and a little you can experience in Borås City, right up to Christmas.

SUNDAY - DECEMBER 15 - Opening hours in stores 12-16

  • 12-14, the site is in place to receive wish lists and visit stores or just talk for a while with those who want it. Starting at At 13.30 he is on site at the Granlabyrinth on Stora Torget.
  • 12-16, Christmas Gift Entry. Starting on November 30, there is the opportunity to bring all their purchased packages wrapped up and ready! Welcome to Lilla Brogatan 26 (at Kappahl) and catch all your Christmas mood. Donate any amount to the Tomte fundraiser for Child Cancer, grab a cup of coffee and sit down while your Christmas presents are done. Christmas Gift Wrapping Nois open all Advent weekends during store opening hours and December 19 (17-20) and December 23 (12-18). During Winter Thursday, December 19, there is also the opportunity to get the belt finished on the packages with the help of Puls FM's rhyming cabin!
  • 12-16, UF market. Here you will find inventive UF-entrepreneurs. Look around to shop for all the innovative, smart and fun solutions that the UF companies come up with. Stora Torget
  • 15.30, Lucia Swimrun. For the fifth year in a row, the cream of madness is gathered for a biohacking event deluxe in Borås. The whisper flows quietly through central Borås and there the ice never settles! At least not since Gustav Vasa was wearing shorts. In addition, the whisper winds around our attractive Christmas-lit city park, which feels like taken from Disneyworld. Starting here and together with ALL borers who still parade around the city center this particular Sunday andthat SELF-CLEAR will flock around this festive event!

Market stall on Stora Torget. As of November 23, the market stalls are in place at Stora Torget. Here you can buy donuts, flowers, spruce or burnt almonds to increase the Christmas feeling to the max.

The Granlabyrinth will be in place throughout December and the mailbox to Tomten is in the middle.

Wall of Kindness. On December 19, it's time to inaugurate our very own Wall of Kindness! An initiative that started in Iran and has now spread worldwide. With the message "Give a jacket if you have one - take one if you need", we hope to be able to spread some more heat to everyone during Christmas.

The wall is at Torggatan 21 (next to the Wish Store)and will remain throughout January. The wall is financed by Effective Staffing, Castallum and XL Bygg, and Viskastrandsgymnasiet stands for design and construction of the wall.

If there are any jackets left when the wall is to be removed, these will be donated to charitable purposes.

For more information about Borås City's Christmas activities, see here

15Dec 12:00 - 16:00 Borås City

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Opening hours

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Opening hours for the stores in Borås City: 1 Dec Advent Sunday 12-16 8 Dec Advent Sunday 12-16 15 Dec Advent Sunday 12-16 22 Dec Advent Sunday 10-16 16 Dec 10-19 17 Dec 10-19 18 Dec 10-19 19 Dec Winter Thursday 10 -20 20 Dec 10-19 21 Dec 10-16 22 Dec 10-16 23 Dec 9-18 24 Dec Christmas Eve Closed 25 Dec Christmas Day Closed 26 Dec Anniversary Jul 10-16 31 Dec New Year's Eve 10-14

Price information

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Donate any amount to Borås City's collection to "Tomte Against Child Cancer".

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