Gianni Versace Retrospective

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Gianni Versace Retrospective is a continued commitment to the Textile Museum's vision to be the Nordic region's leading textile museum with a focus on the textile industry, fashion, design, art and innovative textiles.

Fashion designer Gianni Versace was a true pioneer who in the late 1900s challenged the fashion industry with its cross-border design. During the 1980s and 1990s he became one of the world's most important fashion designers. His creativity knew no bounds but he blended fresh fashion and art, antique and modern, male and female. He combined fashion with music, photography and graphic design and was in the forefront of transforming fashion shows and advertising campaigns into pop-cultural multi-art works.

Versace's design was characterized by of challenging cuts and strong patterns for both men and women. His collections questioned sexuality and power and went against the traditional presentation of maleand female. He was open about his homosexuality and became an important person in the LGBTQ movement.

Gianni Versace Retrospective shows some 70 selected outfits for both ladies and gentlemen from Gianni Versace's glamorous days between 1989-1997, borrowed from some of the world's foremost collectors of Gianni Versace's designs. The main collector is Antonio Caravano from Italy. The exhibition has previously been shown in the Crown Prince's Palace in Berlin where it was arranged by Versace expert Karl Von Der Ahé who also curates the exhibition in Borås in collaboration with the Textile Museum.

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