Mariedal Cup

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The world's largest indoor soccer tournament for boys up to 18 years. Played in three sports halls in Fristad, Dalsjöfors and Borås.

Boråshallen, Bockasjögatan 2, 504 30 Borås

Fristadshallen, Stora Vägen 2, 513 34 Sanctuary

Dalsjöhallen, Bollvägen 1, 516 34 Dalsjöfors


Contact information

Mariedals IK
Kransvägen 214, 50765 Borås
50765 Borås
Phone: +46-33156444


Price information

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Entrance to the halls can either be purchased at any time or an entrance band that applies throughout the weekend.

The entrance band applies as an entrance throughout the weekend, however many times you want.
-12 years 80 kr
13 years and older SEK 180

single Entry
7-12 years 30 kr
13 years and older SEK 70

Note New entrance must be solved when leaving the hall and want to enter again. Buy the entrance band and go in unlimited times throughout the weekend.