Hasse Persson meets David Hockney in "A Rakes Progress"

Abecita Art Museum, Borås
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As a 24-year-old art student, David Hockney traveled to New York in 1961. When he first saw the skyscrapers in New York's famous skyline, Hockney felt like Tom Rakewell in William Hogarth's "A Rake's Progress" - Hogarth's banknotes and paintings of the mid-18th century. Back in London, Hockney described his experiences in a series of 16 etchings as a tribute to Hogarth and called them "A Rake´s Progress" (1963).

A few years later, in 1967, 24-year-old Swedish photographer Hasse Persson moved to New York and became familiar with David Hockney's experiences and etchings. In her debut book "New York - The City of Contrasts" (1969) and in the book "Studio 54" (2014) Hasse Persson insightfully photographed "The Road of Rucklar" in New York. The exhibition on the meeting between David Hockney and Hasse Persson has been compiled

by Hasse exclusively for ABECITA ARTS MUSEUM.

Vernissage: Thursday, October 10 at. 18:30.

exhibitionruns from October 10 to January 19, 2020.

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19Jan 10:00 - 15:00 Abecita Art Museum

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