Rya Åsar MTB

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This year, Rya Åsar weekend will be extended with a bicycle race. Sunday, October 13, it is time for the premiere of Rya Åsar MTB in Borås, a cycle race of 31 km. Everyone can join - exercise as an elite!

Now you get even more chance to discover the beautiful and challenging nature on the Rya ridges and to do it in day two - Rya Åsar Trail Run on Saturday and Rya Åsar MTB on Sunday. Watch out for and participate in both days and challenge yourself and your friends in the Rya Åsar Challenge . Of course it is good to only be with one of the days.

The cycling will have the same starting and finishing area as the running and will run in the same inspiring environment. The cycle track measures 31 km. Participants are promised a varied route with challenging slopes and speed-filleddownpours in sparkling autumn garb. There are 400 starting places.

You do not have to be a used mountain biker to participate, as the track is more physically demanding than it is technically. At the same time, we also offer a challenging course for the ordinary mountain biker.
We look forward to an exciting meeting between runners and cyclists in the Rya Åsar Challenge!

there will also be a separate race for children 6-13 years.

We will offer a wonderful atmosphere for participants as spectators with music, DJ, exhibitors from different companies, runners /bike lounge where you can upload for the race and recover once the competition is completed. Food, drinks and kiosks are available for purchase.

Warm welcome to the folk party in the forest!

Price information

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Registration MTB 445

Registration Rya Åsar Challenge (Trail + MTB) SEK 840

Registration Kids MTB 75 kr