The Real R 'n Party - Refreshments & Playtones

Dalsjöfors, Borås
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The Real Rock n'Roll Party The Refreshments 30th Anniversary !!! 1989-2019. This year the band The Refreshments celebrates 30 years of releasing new album and goes on the summer tour The Real Rock n´ Roll Party together with The Playtones.

In 1989, the band was formed and since then it has rolled on without interruption with over 4,500 plays and 12 gold records 2 platinum records. Miss You Miss Belinda has been streamed over 7,000,000 times on Spotify. JB's Boogie has been shown over 15,000,000 times on Youtube. Grammy nomination, played at SXSW in Austin, recorded at Sun Studios in Memphis, toured with many of its idols such as Dave Edmunds, Mickey Jupp, Status Quo and others Throughout the years, The Refreshments has stood firmly with one foot in American 50's rock n 'roll and the other in British 70's pub rock. For 30 years, the recipe has been the same - Proper rock n 'role played on real instruments.

The band has for many years consisted of: Joakim Arnell-bass andsong, Mats Forsberg drums, Johan Blohm piano and vocals, Jonas Göransson guitar. reinforced with the blowers The Straight Up Horns.

The Playtones The Playtones were the winners of the dance band match on SVT 2009 when the band overnight went from being an unknown band to being the hottest in their genre. They also participated in Melodifestivalen 2011 When the band released the debut album "Rock'n Roll Dance Party", it sold gold after a day.

Appearances by The Refreshments, The Playtones

The gates open at. 19:00.

Food and drinks are available for purchase.

Music on the outdoor dance track, for anyone who wants to eat.

Performance of Refreshments and Playtones is at. 21-24.

Dalsjöfors Fokets Park: Saturday August 31st

31Aug 19:00 - 24:00

Contact information

Dalsjöfors Folkets Park
Phone: +46-33270169
Booking: +46-705209342

Organizer: Dalsjöfors Folkets Park


Price information

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SEK 395.

Pre-purchase WWW.TICKSTER.COM. Phone: 0771-47 70 70, and Coop Konsum Dalsjöfors

Public transportation

|Translated by Google translation| Bus number 159 towards Dalsjöfors. The People's Park is across the road at the bus stop.