Vernissage -Sian Hedberg - "Acedia"

Ålgården - Artists' Workshop and Gallery, Borås
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Autumn's first exhibition and opening at Ålgården, Sian Hedberg's "Acedia". An exhibition with both photography and sculptures.

The exhibition is about nudity and I have tried to visualize it. I had started from my experience of depression and anxiety and also talked to other people who suffered from various mental disorders. I have discovered that most people find it quite similar and have received a fantastic response to the pictures. I have met people who can recognize and relate. Who has come up with their perspectives and given me a better overall picture.

Unfortunately, the topic is something most people can relate to today, but it is taboo. With the work, I wanted to highlight the emotions, confirm them and clarify them, and give those who have no relation to the subject an insight. So they should understand a small part of how it can feel. This is to create acceptance and to normalize mental illness.What is not visible on the outside but is a constant feeling inside, but which colors everything. Later on, however, I realized that they cannot be clarified especially much. It is something that is so diffuse and feels different in everyone. But still the same in some way. It is not possible to place in boxes after all that is a spectrum.

As I said, it is taboo to be on sick leave because of. mental health problems. Today, the subject is something that lies beneath the surface, in the shade but which no one dares to pick up and illuminate. There are very unfounded conditions about those who have some kind of mental illness and what I want to do is to normalize it, create affinity and open up for discussions. I want to remove the stamp of taboo and lift the subject so that we can help each other with their own experiences. Perhaps the images become a confirmation for some and an eye opener for others.

The work /works are unclear, everyone can interpret what they want. Nothing is right or wrongbut hopefully I manage to convey that feeling I and many others known.

This was my thoughts through the project. I thought about how I experienced it. What I saw inside me when I thought of myself and my depression. It was a darkness. A fog. Nothing really clear but diffused and unclear. I tested myself to get to that feeling.

Vernissage: Saturday, August 24, at. 12:00 - 16:00.

The exhibition runs from 24 August to 8 September.

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