Vernissage- Lars Rylander

Flaménska Galleriet, Borås
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Vernissage for the artist Lars Rylander at the Flaménska Galleriet.

“I look out over the sea outside the studio.

Needles up the canvas on the wall.

With long brushes I begin to paint black and white tracks.

I let my intentions and randomness together form the basis for the picture, which grows up with greater and greater accuracy.

My inspiration comes from beach walks, music, meetings, the blackness, the light and everything else that is life. ”Lars Rylander.

Vernissage: Saturday, September 14, at. 12:00 - 16:00.

The exhibition will run from 14-29 September 2019.

14Sep 12:00 - 16:00 Flaménska Galleriet

Contact information

Flaménska Galleriet
Södra Torget 4
Phone: +46-733973409

Organizer: Borås och Sjuhäradsbygdens Konstförening


Opening hours

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Open during the exhibition periods: Thursdays 15-18 Friday - Sunday 12–15 vernissage day - always a Saturday - 12-16

Price information

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Free admission.

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