Sophie Zelmani - Sunrise Tour

Sagateatern, Borås
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Few artists can unite the stripped beautiful with a burning intensity like the singer and songwriter Sophie Zelmani. With simple means she has attributed her admirers with music that reaches far below the skin - where every breath can feel like a minor earthquake.

Sophie Zelmani broke through already in 1995 with her self-titled debut album, which together with the single "Always You" laid the foundation for her first national success. When she comes to Kulturens hus this fall, she is loaded with new music from the latest and twelfth album "Sunrise", release March 15, 2019. As usual, the album has emerged in intimate collaboration between Sophie Zelmani herself and the guitarist, producer and organizer Lars Halapi.

This time, they have gone unusually far in their quest to give each song their individual identity, whether it be acoustic guitars, a string quartet, a guitar solo in gently swelling "Sunrise", driving guitars in "Onlya Miracle ”or the easily Bach-related chord buildings in Sophie's personal favorite" Mirage ".

As usual, most of the texts are about relationships - self-perceived, observed and fictitious - and different ways of looking at life. Everything is gathered in a fascinating mix, where things that have happened and things that might have happened are a jumble puzzle.
- The important thing is that they feel true to me, how others accept them, I cannot influence. I do not want to explain too much, she says herself.

The entrance opens at 18.00.

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Ticket price 360 SEK.

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