Borås City Swimrun

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- a swimming pool competition in the center of central Borås

In swimrun you, together with a competitor, will take you along a path that goes both on land and in water, wearing a wetsuit, bathing cap, shoes and any other equipment. Borås City Swimrun follows a course in Stadsparken and along and through Viskan. There are two courses to choose from:

The short course comprises 5 km of running and about 300 m of swimming distributed on 6 simetapps and 7 running passes.

The long course includes 8.5 km of running and 2000 m of swimming distributed on 8 simetapper and 12 running passes.

Challenge your buddy, your mother or father or someone else and report a team to Borås City Swimrun.

Registration here:

08Jun 12:00

Contact information

Borås TME/Borås besöksservice

50330 BORÅS
Phone: +46-000000

Organizer: Kunskapsskolan