Songs to Freedom - A tribute to Björn Afzelius

Sagateatern, Borås
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It has now been 20 years since Björn Afzelius went after the suites of cancer. Bear's memory will in 2019 be honored by some who stood him very close. Olle Nyberg, Mikael "Nord" Andersson and Göran "Guran" Blomgren - each one with their own relationship with Björn Afzelius will invite the audience on an evening filled with flashbacks and magical interpretations of Björn's amazing song tax that has forever signed up in the Swedish music history.

Behind the initiative for the tribute tour is Olle Nyberg, who produced several of Björn's plates and played with him for 15 years.

During 2015 –16 we traveled with the tour "Thousand bits" around the country. With over 20,000 interested fans in the audience, the response was huge. This year's touŕ feels like a natural continuation. Together with the audience, we pass on the legacy of Björn at a time when his sharp gaze and warm human vision are needed more than ever. On the program there are classics such as Sing to Freedom,To my dear, Thousand pieces and Juanita - but also anecdotes and personal memories from all the years we spent at Björns side, both on the roads, on the stage and in the record studio.

Björn Afzelius was undoubtedly the most successful social-critical rock artist of his generation. He was the left singer who became popular through songs that even the dance bands played.

Two-and-a-half million sold discs, continuous radio plays, and countless tours in Norway, Sweden and Denmark speak their clear language.

Mikael "Nord" Andersson (guitar and vocals) is one of the country's most renowned guitarists and participated in the "tour with the performance" Thousand pieces ". Mikael "Nord" Andersson also has many years as a guitarist in Roxette and tours with Björn Skifs on his track record. Göran "Guran" Blomgren (guitar and song) was tour leader and sound responsible for Björn's live performances for just over 10 years. Olle Nyberg (keyboard and song) was Björnschapel master for more than 15 years and plays the piano and organ in a variety of his records.

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