Exhibition - Lena Björn - Daughters of the world

Wärenstams, Borås
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Lena Björn: 2014 I was invited by Tellus Art Academy to the village of Kaliyanwala in northern India together with 16 artists from different parts of the world. We lived side by side with the people in the village where Tellus Art built up a school for poor children. They wanted to integrate the artistic expression into the children's everyday life. We worked with our own creations but also with the children in the school.

Just returned to Sweden, the media showed horrific pictures of two Indian girls hung in a tree after being raped and brutally murdered. This had happened in the neighboring region to where I just found myself.

The pictures I saw in the media gave me no peace, it felt so close.

The young women, in the absence of toilets, had embarked on the fields to fulfill their needs. They became a general quarry.

Cartoon sketches were sketches in clay that became bronzes. My sculptures have no arms the beautiful hair braids are wrapped around the bodylike rope. They are defenseless and shackled by their own femininity. I want in the beautiful contrast to the fragile anxiety-filled, and raise issues of women's right to their body.

Through Regionteater Väst /Dans I got in touch with the Japanese choreographer Satoshi Kudo who was touched by my story and my sculptures.

Satoshi Kudo writes: "I found a very strong impression in Björn's sculpture and a necessity to deliver her passion and evidence to the world."

This became the starting point for the dance performance "Daughters of the World". A shorter performance premiered at Borås International Sculpture Biennial 2018 and a lower dance performance had its primary concert hall Gislaved the same year.

Sculpture: Lena Björn. Choreography: Satoshi Kudo. Dance: Satoshi Kudo, Jasmine Attie, Claire Camous. Photo: Urban Björn. Sound design: Louise Magnusson.

Susanna Dahlberg, President of Regional Theater West writes:

"rehearsalsI looked like nothing else. The strong expression in Lena's sculptures along with Satoshi Kudo's choreography showed body and exposure in a strong and surprising way without being the least speculative, but on the contrary extremely respectful. It is a great pleasure for us at Regionteater Väst to have been hosts for this unique residence. I hope that the works will come to life by many, both the performance as a whole, but also the independent sculptures. They capture so much of beauty and pain, anger and helplessness. And in itself powerful. The works are placed in the midst of our global contemporary and parallel filled with references to other times. "

Abuse of girls and women is taking place all over the world. In 2016, over 40,000 rapes were reported only in India, the death toll is believed to be large. /Lena Björn

At 12:00 noon concert by ÅJ's Tribute Constellation (trio edition). The concertcontinues after the inauguration.

Opening ceremony at 13.00 , for Tore G Wärenstams foundation's art collection, Re-collection. Inaugurated by the artist Eva Hild.

At 13.30, opening of the exhibition Daughters of the World by Lena Björn.

The exhibition will run from April 27 to September 1.

23Aug 12:00 - 15:00 Wärenstams
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