Easter tips walk

|Translated by Google translation|

Welcome to Easter's Promenade with Art & Crafts round in Sjömarken On Easter Monday April 22.

Start for the walk at 10-12 from Idrottsgården.

Meet our local artists and craftsmen in Sjömarken In their home, at Idrottsgården or in Sjömarkenkyrkan at 10-13.

Exhibitors - Idrottsgården:

  • Helena Berg - Glass, mixed technique
  • Lisbeth Karlsson - Watercolors
  • Sylvia Danielsson - Own design of Garden clothes "Fresh energy"
  • Bibbi Danielsson - Oil and Watercolor
  • Steve Gustafsson - Photo art
  • Märit Gustafsson- Watercolors
  • Tord Stensson - Watercolors

Take a break on the hike and settle down in Lake Sjömarken, 10.45-13.00You can listen to beautiful song and music.

In the church you can also today see crafts and art by:

  • Annelie Claesson - Pencil drawings and Kroki
  • Petra Kyllergård - Oil paintings
  • Annika Kivistö - Watercolor technique
  • Catarina Eriksson - Oil pastel chalk
  • Berit Hammar - Textile

Towards the end of the walk there is also the opportunity to make a visit to Sjömarkens Antik. Extra-open just today! Perhaps you can find a bargain here among the older crafts.

After the walk visit our Cafe at Idrottsgården. There is the opportunity for good coffee with Easter sandwich and home baked goods.

Art /Handicraft lottery Lottery: Take the chance to try your luck in our artisan lottery with winnings from our artists /craftsmen