Petter - Summer Thursdays® - 8 August

Borås City, Borås
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Final Night! A large part of the summer will have passed and 6 Summer Thursdays are completed when it is time for the final on Summer Days. On stage this evening we will meet Petter, an artist familiar to most people.

He broke through with Mikrofonkåt and Vinden has turned and has since released eleven full-length albums and two collection albums, and he celebrated his 20th anniversary as an artist. With us he has not been since 2011 and we are very happy that he is now coming back to help us celebrate the finals of the Summer Thursdays 2019.

The content of summer days:
18.00 Children's entertainment program released on May 16
19.00 Local dressing program is released May 2
20.00 TBA
21.00 Main artist: Petter
21.00 Dance band program is released April 18th

We have created a Spotify List where you can listen to the 2 most popular songs for each artist, as it fills up aseach artist has been released, listen to all the artists here .

It is the city and the business community that jointly offer Summer Summers® in Borås. The Summer Days® was started in 1989 and has since been arranged by the center company Borås City. Since 2010, the municipal destination company Borås is TME co-financier.

More about the main artists - Summer Thursdays® August 8, 2019
Petter is a Swedish hip hop musician who made her debut in 1998 and has since then released nine full-length singers, all of whom have been awarded platinum and /or gold records. 2018, Petter has celebrated his 20th anniversary by, among other things, releasing the success song "Top of a mountain", summarizing his career with five concert nights on the Moseback terrace.and released full 3 continuous full-length plates.

Petter has more iron in the fire than most - he is a trained sommelier, writer, restaurant owner and has made success as a narrator. For several years, Petter has traveled the country and lectured at various schools and companies, and in 2017 Petter won the award as the speaker of the year.

In his popular lectures, Petter retrieves stories from his own life to inspire the audience. In 2014, Petter was also awarded the Understanding of Price for his book "16 lines" which helped young people with reading and writing difficulties.