Peg Parnevik - Summer Thursdays® - 18 July

Borås City, Borås
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In the midst of what we hope is the Swedish summer of summer falls on our fourth Summer Thursday and we get no visitors less than the artist behind the hits "Ain't No Saint" and "Loafers" - Peg Parnevik. An artist we think most people are familiar with and curious about seeing more of, live on Stora Torget.

P4 Sjuhärad meets local artists
During four of the Summer Thursdays® 2018, P4 Sjuhärad meets some of the region's most interesting and promising artists on the stage at Stora Torget. It offers live music and talks about life as a musician, driving forces, role models and thoughts about the future. Interviews do Sara Nygren. P4 Meetings you see Thursdays 11, 18, 25 July and 1 August at. 20:00.

The content of summer days:
18.00 Children's entertainment program released on May 16
19.00 Local dressing program is released May 2
20.00 P4 Sjuhärad meets local artists - programs are released later this spring
21.00 Main artist: Peg Parnevik
21.00 Dance band program is released April 18th

We have created a spotfylista where you can listen to the 2 most popular songs for each artist, it is filled up as each artist has been released, listen to all the artists here .

It is the city and the business community that jointly offer Summer Summers® in Borås. The Summer Days® was started in 1989 and has since been arranged by the center company Borås City. Since 2010, the municipal destination company Borås is TME co-financier.

More about the main artists - Summer Thursdays® 18 July 2019
Peg Parnevik
Peg debuted in 2016 with the single "Ain't No Saint" which quickly rushed to the top of Spotify's viral list. Her first single became onehit and has since been streamed over 26 million times and led to the title "Newcomer of the Year 2016" in the music galaxy P3 Gold. The following year, her first EP "Don't Tell Ma" came as the basis for a magnificent tour with a total of 30 stops.

Now Peg is back and is up to date with tour and the new single "Goodbye Boy".